Project Koine

Live & work anywhere in the new co-owning economy


Active Participation

Project Koine is a cooperative and decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). The spaces are designed for our users, by our users.

Collective Ownership

All members are co-owners of the entire ecosystem. As an investor-user, more of your hard earned income and value will return to you.

Ethical Roots

We support equity and transparency in the real estate market. All progressive and globally minded individuals are welcome to become members


The most flexible co-living and co-working spaces by design​


Coliving spaces allow for anyone to travel and explore the wonders and cultural diversity of the world with consistent residential and professional amenities, wellness areas, and a zero-commute lifestyle.

Amongst cohabited professional travelers, one is able to travel with current friends, make new friends, and keep up with their daily profession.


Coworking offers more freedom, independence, possibilities for self-realization and overall more freedom of choice than other forms of work. These spaces are for professional endeavors only and provide large-scale office amenities globally.

To meet all needs, working components of co-working spaces, such as desks, phone rooms, and conference rooms, can be rented individually or as a group of lockable, private space.


The Project Koine token is used to access the services and assets of the platform and to provide an ownership position in the decentralized organization.

The intelligent investor-user is someone who both lives and works in the ecosystem of spaces, owns a portion of each space, receives profit distributions from renters, and helps steer the organization through voting.


Spaces that meet and exceed your expectations for growth.

Global Transparency

Operations of the organization will be visible and available to all members by leveraging distributed ledger technology.

Personalized Experience

Our users will decide precisely the kind of the co-living and co-working environments they want, wherever we end up in the world.

Organizational Equity

All profit from our spaces is distributed to the token holders, according to their active participation and ownership percentage.

Open-Minded Community

Our members want to experience the rich cultural diversity of the world while advancing their career and life.

Consistent Amenities

Both coliving and coworking spaces feature modern, state- of-the-art amenities for all digital nomads, travelers, and organizations.

Affordable Access

Co-ownership allows Project Koine to provide spaces that are affordable, profitable, and protected from economic downturns.


Powerhouse Contributors

Kyle Graden

Philosopher, philologist, philanthropist. Kyle is a digital nomad and cryptoqueer as well as cofounder of Project Koine.

Alex Groleau

Hack for good. Alex is an electrical and full stack software engineer as well as technical cofounder of Project Koine.

Haley Summers

Blockchain Strategist. Haley is an Inbound Marketing Specialist as well as Internal Community Manager for Project Koine.

Ryan Davis

Digital Strategist. Ryan is creative, strategic marketing executive as well as marketing coordinator for Project Koine.